Why do you need to get rid of moss on your roof?

Why do you need to get rid of moss on your roof?

You may think moss is just a harmless plant that grows in areas on your property, you may even like how it looks! So why can it be such a major problem?

Well first of all if you have moss growing on your roof it can cause real damage by pushing the tiles out of
place or even by boring into some roofing materials. Once that happens, water damage can occur - potentially costing you thousands of pounds to put right. That's why it's so important to tackle moss before it gets to that point.

Here at SPCB Mosskillers helping you remove moss is  our specialty. We supply garden sprayers along with a range of top of the line chemicals, developed by us, for these purposes: 

Baticlean CR (mosskillers.co.uk) - Our most popular pH neutral mosskillerno rinsing needed! Kill moss, algae, lichen & mould on all hard surfaces including roofs, walls & patios.

Batiface (mosskillers.co.uk) - Our rapid acting on contact killer for moss, algae and lichen. With cleaning action, rinse after use.

Batifort (mosskillers.co.uk) - A strong, quick acting contact cleaner for black spot, moss, algae, lichen. Especially good for sandstone and patios.

If you need any more information or expert advice don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We're always happy to help. - Contact Us (mosskillers.co.uk).