How to remove moss and lichen on a driveway.

How can I get rid of moss & lichen on a driveway?

Depending on your issue we have different solutions which may work for you.

For mainly moss removal we have a product called Baticlean CR which you spray onto the surface and leave it to do it's job - it soaks into the moss and kills it and requires no rinsing. It is pH neutral too so will cause no damage to the material or area you use it on. Any overspray near plants and grass should be fine but if you want to be sure just rinse the area to remove the product.

Baticlean CR is diluted 1:4 with water and each litre will cover approximately 20-40m2. This product is very good at removing moss however given the nature of many types of lichen, Baticlean CR will kill the growth but as it is so close to the surface and has a very good hold, even whilst dead, it can still be quite hard to remove it from the surface.  

We have another option which is Batiface -  this is a kill on contact solution (no waiting for the product to sink in) and softens the growth, whilst the rinsing required after treatment helps to remove the remaining growth and clean the area. We would then advise the use of Baticlean CR to prevent regrowth of spores every 9-18 months.

Batiface can be diluted 1:1 if it's a light covering of moss and lichen however if the area is heavily soiled you should apply the product undiluted. 

We offer sprayers for application of product on our website - Mesto Sprayers, IK Sprayers & Goizper Sprayers (

Please get in contact if you require advice as we are always happy to help.