What is the best product to remove moss from a thatched roof?

What is the best product to remove moss from a thatched roof?

Moss will hold moisture which can slow the drying of a thatched roof and stop it from breathing.  Many people also find the growth of moss on a thatched roof unsightly and it will attract birds to the roof which can cause additional problem.

As thatch is a delicate and porous substance, we recommend that you use Baticlean CR, our systemic biocide and fungicide.

Baticlean is diluted down in water, sprayed on the thatched roof to kill moss and algae and left on the surface to treat any spores. Saturate as much of the thatch as possible so that the moss and algae will not grow back.

Full information can be found via this link:  https://www.mosskillers.co.uk/guides/killing-moss-on-a-thatched-roof

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